Artist Editions at The Icon can be fulfilled using our Fine Art Printing Services.

Our goal in the Fine Art Department is to always be able to reprint a piece of the edition with the same results. Many contemporary artists and photographers use The Icon Fine Art Department for exactly this reason. We understand that consistent color within an edition is necessary.

We have devised a system specifically for Artists using editions, creating a test print and a final file that can be used again and again for your reprints. If an entire edition is ordered at one time, the additional prints are 50% off the original printing cost. When a print in the edition is needed, we ask you bring back the necessary elements to the job and we can offer a 20% discount off the original printing cost.

Some examples of recent Contemporary artists and photographers we work with:

Lisa Eisner
Catherine Opie
Phillip Dixon
Allan Sekula
Sebastian Copeland
Steve Erle
Elizabeth Tobias
Peter Reiss
Guillaume Zuili
Felipe Dupouy
Bob Willoughby Estate
Firooz Zahedi
Chris Anthony
John Fitzpatrick
Melodie McDaniel
Brian Forrest
Jeff Antebi
David LaChapelle
Lacey Terrell
Rick Nahmias
Zoe Crosher
Frank Ockenfels
Yoichi Kawamura
Bonita Helmer