In the Fine Art Department we understand even the most perfect images can use a little adjusting. Every paper surface represents an image differently. Our pricing for Fine Art Prints includes 15 minutes of File Enhancement per image. This can range from anything to global color or density changes, cropping and file sizing, spotting, and very light retouching. Beyond these 15 minutes, we offer a discounted hourly rate to our Fine Art clients whose jobs result in a final print. We can estimate at the beginning of the job whether or not our technician will need any extra File Enhancement time.

Some examples of jobs that are usually in need of extra File Enhancement:

if we are color matching to an already existing print.

If we are enlarging the File to a very large printing size or If you have very specific color needs.

If you are working with any Special media paper surfaces.

We also offer a Private Client session with our Master Printer. Please inquire regarding rates. Appointment required.