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The Icon Fine Art Department's Photographic Special Media Substrates Pricing

These are prints created via the latest Light Jet Technology

Special Media Paper Options:
Kodak Endura VC - Metallic is 25% less than listed pricing below - 48"x fall
Kodak Endura Duratran or Duraclear - 48"x fall (minimum order $1000)
Fuji Flex Crystal Archive, a.k.a. Super Gloss - 48"x fall (minimum order $200)

Our Pricing includes:
A free consultation, one 8"x10" or 11"x14" test print & up to 15 min of file prep/adjustments

Tests prints larger than 11x14 in size:
16"x20"Add $15
20"x24"Add $30

Strip Tests at 100% of final output:
12"x48" $55

Additional Test Print Fees: (If you decide to switch papers an additional test is required for approval)
11"x14" $30
16"x20" $38
20"x24" $50

File Enhancement $60 per hour beyond your initial 15 included minutes
Private Client Session$80 per hour, appointment required.

Up to 10"x12"$85 (*additional prints, $42.50 each)
Up to 12"x15"$95 (*additional prints, $47.50 each)
Up to 16"x20"$110 (*additional prints, $55 each)
Up to 20"x20"$130 (*additional prints, $65 each)
Up to 20"x25"$150 (*additional prints, $75 each)
Up to 20"x30"$195 (*additional prints, $97.50 each)
Up to 30"x30"$255 (*additional prints, $112.50 each)
Up to 30"x35"$280 (*additional prints, $140 each)
Up to 30"x40"$293 (*additional prints, $146.50 each)
Up to 40"x40"$325 (*additional prints, $162.50 each)
Up to 40"x50"$350 (*additional prints, $175 each)
Up to 48"x48"$375 (*additional prints, $187.50 each)
Up to 48"x60"$450 (*additional prints, $225 each)
Up to 48"x70"$500 (*additional prints, $250 each)
Up to 48"x80"$575 (*additional prints, $287.50 each)
Up to 48"x90"$650 (*additional prints, $325 each)
Up to 48"x100"$725 (*additional prints, $362.50 each)
Up to 48"x110"$800 (*additional prints, $400 each)
Up to 48"x120"$875 (*additional prints, $437.50 each)

* Additional Special Media Prints must be ordered at the same time as initial prints and must be printed on the same paper stock. Final Tests are important and required to use for guide matches in reprint scenarios and addition printing done at a later date. We cannot stress the importance of ordering a final test print to store with your digital file. Also worth remembering you will save 20% on your reorder when you provide us with your final test print.

Normal Turn Around for Special Media Substrates is based on quantity and work required. In general, tests require 3 to 5 business days and finals require 5 to 10 business days from approval to produce. Every project has different needs that affect the timeline, so after your initial consult we can give you a more accurate turnaround.

Fine Art reprint orders submitted at a later date receive a 20% discount off the 1st print. Additional prints are already discounted at 50% off. The final print file and final test print is required for reprint orders. All files are purged from our servers after 14 days. Please back up your files on your computer and hard drive; CD and DVDs are not reliable for archiving. Tired of backing up your files? Ask about Icon Box for fault tolerant longterm storage. Special rates for our fine art clients: 10G $75, 20G $125,or 30G $150 per year. 24/7 web access to your files from anywhere in the world.

Print Packaging Services: Packing for Fed-X could require an additional fee.

50% Deposit required for all work requested
Prices subject to change at anytime