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The Icon Fine Art Department's Fine Art Drum Scan Pricing

These Scans are created using a Crosfield Drum Scanner

Fine Art Drum Scans: This is an important option for Artists who need a bit more attention to their work prior to printing. We have found that the majority of our fine art clients' need drum scans that require multiple passes for detail ranging from shadows to highlights. It is impossible to get all the information that one needs in one drum scan so we have devised a process that really works best for our clients who are creating work at the Gallery level and strive for the best quality.

Technical information: We can scan all size negatives and transparencies. We can also dry mount artwork up to 16x20 it would need to be flexible enough to be wrapped around a drum. The Crosfield scans at 8 BIT with maximum resolutions of 5000 DPI. We do notadd any sharping to our scans, we strongly believe that is work that that should be considered in the retouching or print preparation stages.

(We do offer 16 bit scans via the Imacon. There is a film size limitation, the Imacon cannot scan 8x10 film or larger and has a maximum resolution of 3000 DPI. Please see Premiere Drum Scans in the Icon Price book for pricing for 16bit scans)

Up to 100MB @ 300DPI$65
Up to 200MB @ 300DPI$105
Up to 300MB @ 300DPI$145
Up to 400MB @ 300DPI$185
Up to 500MB @ 300DPI$230
Up to 600MB @ 300DPI$275
Up to 700MB @ 300DPI$320
Up to 800MB @ 300DPI$365
Up to 900MB @ 300DPI$410
Up to 1000MB @ 300DPI$460

Note: It is important if you have a print or a jpeg that you are aiming for in terms of color and/or density that we must have that information at the time of ordering your scans. Otherwise we will provide you with flat scans with maximum detail, which for the most part is what our clients require. Normal Turn Around is based on quantity and work required. In general, we require 3 to 4 business to produce your scans.

50% Deposit required for all work requested
Prices subject to change at anytime.