"Of my art practice, Peter Mays recently said that my search for expression is often as compelling as the outcome. This means a lot of re-invention happens and also that I usually annoy, frustrate and butt heads with a lot of photo labs in my attempt to do something that is new or unusual. The Fine Art Department at the Icon has become a home- base for me because their mission is to nurture dynamic collaboration. The Fine Art Team works to understand what I am doing as opposed to asking me to work within what they do. They listen, discuss and participate in the process and actively help find ways of achieving my vision. They offer so much to artists- a highly skilled team with brilliant creative insights combined with their vast array of latest technologies.”

-Elizabeth Tobias

“I was introduced to Icon’s Fine Art Department by Bonny. She had visited my studio and explained to me what we could do at the Icon. I had been thinking about prints for a long time but was new to the process. I visited Icon and saw the wonderful quality of work that had been produced by the Lab. I was very impressed and so I decided to apply the process to my abstract, textural and very painterly paintings. We talked about various fine art papers and Paul gave me samples of papers that we discussed and I took to my studio in order to experiment. Then proofs were made and, as a team, we thought that there should be a slight adjustment to the color and some of the textural quality. They were so willing to work with me to get what I had envisioned. I made several fine art prints at Icon and returned a few months later to produce another series. I worked with Heather who was easy to work with and she was also able to visualize what results I desired. The results have been phenomenal. The color and texture is so clear and true to the original image that it is hard to tell it is a print. The pigment colors are clear and bright and they are better in many ways than a litho reproduction. The entire crew is so very creative and helpful and we have talked about all kinds of ways to expand upon the process. My experience at the Icon has started, for me, an entirely different way to see and produce art.”

-Bonita Helmer - Represented by George Billis Gallery/LA http://BonitaHelmer.com

" Photography to me is much like music. You make a recording (capture the image), you then spend endless hours mixing (Photoshop), and then you go to mastering (print the image) to produce the CD. Each step in the process is integral to the final product. The Icon Fine Art Department are the masters of mastering (print making). They make all the delicate adjustments that bring the image to life in a way that would not be possible without them. If I sound like a fan, it's because I am. I have been working with them for years and have never been disappointed. Thank you Bonnie, Paul, and Heather. You guys rock my world."

-David Alley http://www.davidalley.com

“I have been using the icon for over 10 years now. Their human approach and high standard have been a constant source of support throughout my career. For a photographer it's an invaluable asset. The team is always friendly, available and most importantly understand Fine Art. Paul, Heather, Brian and Bonny have always been crucial interlocutors for me. Their understanding and passion for art and photography in particular has always been a tremendous source of support and an inspiration.”

-Marc Lecureuil http://www.marclecureuil.com

“Icon’s Fine Art Department are a brilliant combination of creative and professional. They're able to deliver stunningly great results, they are communicative and they are thoughtful.”

- Jeff Antebi

“The Icon has become my photographic home away from home. They have not just excelled as they've processed, scanned and printed most of the images in my last exhibitions and books, but their attention to detail, budget and schedule (not to mention their moral, creative and emotional support along the way) has kept me coming back.”

Rick Nahmias - http://www.ricknahmias.com

I have had a particular fondness for The Icon’s Fine Art Department from my first experience with them. They came strongly recommended, and my expectations were high. Bonny, Paul and Brian were the first to greet me and hear out my extremely complex demands. They are involved every step of the process. The end results exceeded my high expectations, and my client was stunned. They are now the triumvir whom I have come to trust, and whose consistently professional and personable attitudes have made my work such a joy. Heather has been a smart addition to the staff, always attentive and sharp. The Icon Is not an ordinary print lab, but one of the finest in the world. It is an important institution to Southern California’s photography creatives.”

- Lever Rukhin http://www.LeverAndFulcrum.com

“Given the technology we can find in every photographer's closet, it would be very easy to assume that we go someplace like The Icon when our print needs exceed 13 inches. I think we have entered a period where, with a little effort and expertise, professional results are easy to attain. For myself I feel the loss of collaboration; where years of knowledge suggest alternatives, where a different viewpoint offers a new perspective and where trusted eyes share the pleasure of creating an image for the first time. I trust and enjoy the process of working at The Icon’s Fine Art Department. Bonny, Heather and Paul have done great work, given great advice and are always fun - Thanks guys!”

-Christopher Willoughby Bob Willoughby Photography, LLC http://www.willoughbyphotos.com

“The first time I met Bonny and Paul was the first time I was using photography for an exhibition of my work. Normally, I paint. Bonny and Paul were so professional, showing me my options, guiding me when I needed a little guiding. I was so happy with the results. The set of photographs were just what I hoped they would be. Therefore, when I was preparing for another exhibition of my photography, I did not hesitate to take my work to Bonny and Paul. At this time I was also introduced to Heather. Another wonderful experience! These 3 people are the easiest to work with, they are professional, finish work in a timely manner and I have been nothing but pleased with the results. I recommend them highly to anyone who takes their photography seriously and wants a first class job.”

Linda Kunik – http://www.lkunik.com

"I've been shooting for years and I wanted to take the art of my photography to a new level. The team at The Icon's Fine Art Department helped me achieve something that was beyond what I ever thought it could be. While I consider myself a novice, they treated me like a seasoned pro. Easy to work with and exceptional at what they do, they helped me develop and create my art in a way that went well-beyond my expectations"

-Michael Benson

"I have been working with the gang in the Fine Art department since the Fall of 2008, when I was preparing for my first Solo show. Bonny & Paul came highly recommended, so I made an appointment and that was the beginning of an invaluable relationship! Each one of Bonny, Paul & now Heather, have not only been allies and collaborators, but thru it all they have become friends. With fine art backgrounds and tons of experience, they offer both creative and technical advice that I completely trust. As an artist, it is often difficult to put faith in anyone else's eye or opinion about one's work, but with the Fine Art Department at The Icon, it is easy. They are all very knowledgeable about the newest processes, papers and happenings and they can guide artists through the experience with ease and patience. Paul is a wizard of pixels! They are wonderful to work with and have become a team that I truly rely on."

-Lacey Terrell http://www.laceyterrell.com

"The staff at The Fine Art Dept at The Icon has been indispensable in producing scans and large prints of my work for exhibitions and shows. Bonny, Heather, Paul and Brian are all well versed in the latest technologies and also understand the nuances of producing fine artwork. Their work is of the highest quality and their service is of the highest levels of professionalism and care."

-Yoichi Kawamura http://www.yoichikawamura.com

"I love working with Bonny and Paul and the crew at The Icon. I can draw ideas, but when it comes to the creative computer graphics and high quality photo reproduction necessary to addzing and professionalism to my work, I'm a Luddite. Bonny and Paul intuit my ideas into electricity! I mumble incoherent arty phonemes that they somehow translate into sparkling CGI—or something—that looks really good. Then I'm free to go back to the studio and paint gloppy bad guys over their pristine images. How really nice for me! I mean it. Thank you!"

-Robbie Conal http://www.robbieconal.com

"I was recently invited to speak at the APIS symposium at Photo Art Santa Fe to present the legacy of my uncle, Richard D’Amore’s, fine art photography. In keeping with the high standards my uncle always insisted upon throughout his career, I worked very closely with The Icon's Fine Art Department to produce high quality Inkjet/Giclee foundation prints of a selection of signature images I want to make available to collectors. The response in Santa Fe was spectacular, both to the exceptional Inkjet/Giclee images and to the terrific array in the paper sample booklet that Bonny and her team has created. Collectors appreciated seeing a final result print, as well as being able to experience the texture of the various papers. I am great in debt to Icon…. to Bonny Taylor for her guidance and professionalism and to Paul Batoon, who really captured the great detail of the photographs and more than did justice to the original fine art prints. As a photographer myself, from a family of photographers, I highly recommend Icon’s services to the discriminating photography client who cannot compromise on quality or on service."

-Aurelia D'Amore The Estate of Richard D'Amore

"It has been such a jam packed month of events for ONE in eight that I have not had a minute to think! I wanted to extend a few thoughts about your team. When I arrived for our first test print session I was concerned to learn you were not going to be present during our printing sessions. We had been spoiled by you! You had made both Catherine and I feel so well taken care of in our past meetings. When I met with Heather Rasmussen I was immediately put at ease. Heather gives the artist her full attention, staying on top of all details spoken about the images. She seemed to understand the language of printing so well and was very thorough about taking notes. This strikes me as a really difficult job and one she handled seamlessly. Heather also was very respectful of the sensitive content of our images. She listened attentively and asked questions to focus our thoughts. She seemed to move easily between Paul, Catherine and my conversation while staying focused on the task at hand. Knowing how Catherine and I can get talking, I applaud Heather for keeping us all on track! Paul Batoon was absolutely wonderful. He has approached this project with sensitivity from the very beginning. Not only because of the subject matter, but that the subjects themselves had personal connections to both Catherine and myself. This has been my very first experience printing exhibition images, and I have been fascinated by the process, learning so much with each step we have taken. Paul never let me feel inadequate. In fact, quite the opposite. I have always been made to feel as if my thoughts on the project were important and welcome. He and Catherine work very well together, and we arrived happily at great test prints and amazing finals. Paul was encouraging and more than helpful with determining the appropriate large-scale size of each print. I was anxious about producing large images and trusted the ICON team in making the best decisions and producing beautiful work. Paul was also a huge help when we printed up an image contributed from another photographer in Austin, TX. Susan Gaetz' work is more documentary in style, and there were issues with the focus and the color. Since she could not be there to view her test, Paul and Catherine guided me through the decision making process. The final image was gorgeous. Your whole team has been nothing but fantastic. Wanted also to mention what a lovely surprise it was to have Joe Hui post the news of our exhibition in your October newsletter. He did a great job and it was such a reward for Catherine to see her work mentioned. I forwarded the newsletter to my circle and found it to be a great resource for getting the word out. This was a very nice gesture of support by Joe and ICON. I have greatly appreciated the generosity you have offered ONE in eight in helping us realize our dream of printing and exhibiting these images. Looking forward to bringing more portraits your way and building our ultimate collection!"

-Devon Williams http://www.oneineightphotos.com